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posted by 147 FA on Sep 27

Members of the 147th and 487th Field Artillery are pictured during a Camp Patriot Delta Drill. The drill was conducted to familiarize service members and key personnel of their duties in the event of an actual attack. Every aspect of the drill was taken into consideration. Accountability of personnel, deployment of reactionary forces and casualty evaluation were just a few fundamental tasks that were experienced during the practice drill.

posted by 147 FA on Sep 25

The 147th ARF Platoon is a multifaceted unit that has a multitude of responsibilities. The platoon is comprised of every unit within the 147th Field Artillery Battalion and was put together on short notice just prior to deployment. The platoon’s Soldiers have meshed together exceptionally in short time during their post MOB training at Fort Hood, Texas. Read the rest of this entry »

posted by 147 FA on Sep 23

The Camp Patriot Recycling Program started by our Hawaiian counterparts is being improved and continued by our South Dakota Soldiers currently working in the Camp Command cell. In these photos you see the Camp Command cell Soldiers are doing their part to recycle. The large pallet that is being carried contains thousands of crushed water bottles that will soon be recycled into new ones. Other materials such as cardboard, wood, and metal are also being collected for recycling at Camp Patriot.

posted by 147 FA on Sep 22

SPC Traig SchuelkeSpecialist Traig Schuelke is a member of 3rd platoon, A Btry, 1/147th FA. SPC Schuelke joined the South Dakota Army National Guard in January 2008. He was recently promoted to specialist (E4) in July 2009. SPC Schuelke is a 13M, MLRS crew member. He grew up in Newell, SD were he went to high school. After high school, SPC Schuelke attended South Dakota State University until he was deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

posted by 147 FA on Sep 21

Kuwait City, Kuwait: KMOI GuntruckC Battery, 1-147th Field Artillery works hand in hand with the Kuwaiti Ministry of the Interior (KMOI) forces in their SecFor mission in Kuwait. The South Dakota National Guard unit started the overseas part of its deployment on July 1, 2009. A good working relationships with their Kuwaiti partners is an essential component for the Charlie Battery Soldiers and their Security Force mission.

posted by 147 FA on Sep 20

The Chaplain’s office recently held a drive to collect clothing, household items, toiletries and whatever else the service members wanted to donate for the third country nationals that work here at Camp Patriot. This is an important ministry opportunity, because those folks have a pretty tough life here, and many are supporting families back in their home countries. Thanks to the generosity of the Soldiers, Sailors and Marines here, we were able to put together 153 bags of goods, and 50 new pairs of shoes to give out. We are always collecting for these drives, and families can participate at home as well by sending the stuff on up if you wish. We’ll make sure the third country nationals that get the stuff know it came from a family in the US that wanted to make their life a little better. Chaplain Thomas Tedmon

posted by 147 FA on Sep 20

Team Kate SnapersThe ARF Platoon of HHB, 1/147th threw a basketball team together at the last minute to compete in the Camp Patriot 4 on 4 basketball tournament held in early August on Camp Patriot, Kuwait Naval Base, Kuwait. The “Kate Snapers” as they were called, competed against teams made up from the tenants of Camp Patriot consisting of Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. The tournament covered four days in early August with temperatures reaching triple digits and some games ending in the late evening hours. The Kate Snapers had to not overcome the heat but the competition as well. Playing a total of five different teams and six games, they ended with a record of 4 wins and 2 losses, placing them second in the tournament. Not too bad considering they had never played together as a team and only marginally losing the championship game to a very experienced seasoned team. Making up team Kate Snapers are Tanner Baird, Todd Beynon, Wade Anderson, Randall Fitzgerald, Justin Redmond, and Keith Fitzgerald.

posted by 147 FA on Sep 19

Click the link below to download a copy of the Battalion Family Support Newsletter for August 2009... 1-147 FA BN FSG Newsletter August 2009

posted by 147 FA on Sep 19

CPT Patrick Sprecher and VictorThe weather here seems to amaze me compared to South Dakota. This last week we hit the humid time of the year, which is a good thing, because once it passes they say it cools down! MWR (Morale Welfare Recreation) events have been great for the troops. We had a 4 on 4 basketball team get second place and a Soldier received first place in the poker tournament. Other MWR events and services include: a gym, muscle building, 5K run, Bingo, movie night, foosball, darts tourney, TV sporting events, comedians, etc... Read the rest of this entry »

posted by 147 FA on Sep 18

Hello from Kuwait Naval Base, We have taken command of SECFOR (Security Operations) from Hawaii and getting into the full swing of things. Soldiers in SECFOR man tower, guard the gates in and out of KNB, and provide security in and out of the US base, Camp Patriot. These positions have become routine and did not take long for the soldiers to get used to. Frankly, this is a relatively safe mission, and for most, it will be a counting of the days until they return home. Read the rest of this entry »