posted by 147 FA on Feb 28

The combat medical section of the 147th FA has had a long and illustrious history. Its members have gone on to become artillery officers as well as janitors and doctors. The medical section has supported Global War on Terrorism missions since 2003 and continues to serve with distinction. This deployment has been no different. The medics started their training in March at Fort McCoy, WI ranging from 2 weeks to 3 weeks in length for recertification of their EMT licenses. In October of 2009 they started the recertification of combat lifesaver skills for all non-medical skilled soldiers in the battalion. They taught classes ranging from I.V. skills, patient assessment, opening an airway, applying tourniquets; as well as other lifesaving measures. October was also when we started to receive and give the influenza vaccine. Medics of the battalion assisted in giving over 350 influenza vaccines in the span of 1 week. In November the medics assisted in giving over 300 anthrax vaccinations and over 350 H1N1 vaccines. The medics have also had missions with their units serving as security forces ranging from entry control points to searching vehicles. We have had two medics, SGT Bob Godes and SPC Joshua Gripentrog who went into Iraq to assist the Army Divers on two missions., It was long hard work, but a nice change of pace for them and also gave them exposure to a different mission they might not have had the opportunity to experience. Some medics have also been filling in for other units on convoy missions into Iraq, although not often most have made the trip north of here at least one time since being in Kuwait. SPC Guy Arnold and SPC Donnie O’Neil recently supported the Marines for their qualification ranges and had the opportunity to fire different weapons themselves while serving as medical support. In the near future the medics themselves will begin classes once again here in Kuwait for recertification hours for their EMT licenses and SGT Megan McClintock will also be going onto Warrior Leader Class. The Alpha medics are SPC Guy “Dr Zaius” Arnold, SPC Jarid “Sloppy” Rudebusch, and are lead by SGT Dana “Piggy” Stockland. Serving with Charlie are SPC Justin “the Killer Whale” Chanku, SPC Donald “Happy” Oneill, and are lead by SGT Robert “Festus” Godes. One of the HHB medics is SPC Joshua “the Trogg” Gripentrog who is the medic for the ARF, or area reaction force. The remaining HHB medics are assigned to the Battalion Aid Station. These medics are SGT Megan “Flower” McClintock and SSG Chad Stockland. They have all done an outstanding job this deployment and are as anxious to come home as you are to have them home.

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