posted by 147 FA on Mar 22

LTC David ChaseHello Everyone, Well it is finally here – the LAST newsletter from Kuwait! As I write this we are in the final phases of our relief in place (RIP). That is the term for the process we go through to train our replacements to take over our mission. The RIP process takes between 2-3 weeks and is very detailed and intensive. The beauty of it is we are about 99% complete. We will have our official Transfer of Authority (TOA) on the 23rd of March. That is when we officially relinquish command and our follow on unit from Florida officially takes command. LTC Chase overseas a theater resupply mission The final part of the ceremony is lowering the SD state flag over the `SECFOR compound and raising the state flag of Florida to signify the complete transfer of the mission. As I reflect on this mission and all of the great things our soldiers have accomplished, I could not be more proud to be their commander. The soldiers of the 1/147th have performed as the true professionals that they are. They have taken on every challenge and every mission and set new standards of excellence every step of the way. It has been an honor to be a part of it, but at the same time it is fantastic to be mission complete and coming home. You can be very proud of your soldiers as well knowing that they were there when their nation called. The mission that we performed while deployed was truly critical to the global war on terror by keeping the flow of men and material flowing in an out of theater. I am also extremely proud of our families and our support groups back home. I realize this deployment has made life a lot more difficult on our families; however all of you banded together with your support networks and got through these difficult times in an exemplary manner. Your hard work made it possible for us to continue the unyielding focus our mission required and was critical in the overall success of this mission. Thank-you once again we will see you soon. LTC Chase

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