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ARF - KNG MRAP TrainingIn July 2009, Major Faleafine and MSG Odoardi of the 487th FA (Hawaii) escorted Major Koehler, MSG Thyne and SGM Diede to the Samoud military training facility just outside of Kuwait City. There they were introduced to Randy Williams and the staff of MPRI (Military Professional Resource Inc.). The folks at MPRI are part of a contracted group that trains the Kuwaiti Military, and 1/147 FA would be working with them to help train the Kuwait National Guard (KNG) as part of our Host Nation mission. ARF attends KNG BNCOC graduationThe S3 shop was assigned this high visibility, high profile mission of assisting in the training of Kuwait’s elite military, the KNG. MSG Thyne was assigned this mission as his primary duty while in Kuwait. The S3 staff then called upon the Soldiers of the Area Reaction Force (ARF) to be our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). This meant the ARF Soldiers would be the ones demonstrating and conducting the training of the KNG Soldiers and would be the official face of 1/147 FA with the Kuwaiti military. MSG Thyne and the ARF’s first task was to assist MPRI with instructing Kuwait’s version of Basic Non Commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC). The 1/147 Soldiers taught the KNG Soldiers courses like; Basic First Aid, and Common Soldier Tasks. The majority of time the ARF was training the KNG on Military Operations On Urban Terrain (MOUT). This training consisted of individual room clearing, stairwell clearing, and building clearing techniques. The training site was complete with a practice area called a glass house. This is an area that is set up to simulate rooms within a building but it has no walls which allows the trainers to observe the soldiers and continue to instruct them as they conduct the exercise. Once the Soldiers have completed the glass house training, they move to the shoot house. The shoot house looks like a normal building but has a ballistic lining on the walls so Soldiers can fire Short Range Training Ammunition (SRTA) rounds. The entire process was filmed by the 115 FiB PAO and numerous pictures were taken to capture this historic Multi-National training opportunity. ARF - KNG Riot Control TrainingOn January 8th MSG Thyne went on R & R and SGM Diede took over for him. During this time SGM Diede and the ARF conducted Riot Control training with a class of 51 students that became very proficient in riot control fundamentals. Inter-mixed with the riot control training were live fire range days where the ARF soldiers went with the KNG soldiers to the qualification ranges and assisted them with proper techniques for firing their weapons. Once the Kuwaitis had qualified with their weapons, a challenge was issued to the “Merikees” (Kuwaiti Slang for American Soldiers) to see if the KNG Soldiers could out shoot the Soldiers of the ARF. SPC Nick Schaefer’s and SPC Lucas Brockhaus accepted the challenge and without zeroing their weapons, went on to shoot the highest scores of the day. In the end the KNG Soldiers and the ARF Soldiers developed a mutual respect for each other and looked fondly at their time spent together. This mission was a great success for not only the Soldiers of the ARF and the Battalion Operations Section but for the 1/147th FA and the US Military forces in Kuwait. This Multi-National training opportunity will be something the Soldiers of the 147th will recall affectionately for the remainder of their careers. MAJ Tim Koehler, S3

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