posted by 147 FA on Mar 28

Hello to all our dear friends back in the states. We are winding down here at Camp Patriot, but yet our task at hand is to stay focused and continue to be safe in all we do. We want to come home in tact physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We have enjoyed our time here as the UMT (Unit Ministry Team). We minister to our army guys, along with sailors, marines and even a few Air Force personnel. We have had a full complement of services since we’ve been here with 3 services on Sundays (one done by the Catholic Priest), 2 bible studies and a prayer meeting each week. I personally have been involved with the worship team. We practiced 3 times each week. It certainly has been a rewarding time and even some personal growth in my spiritual life. Toys for the KidsWe have done 3 TCN drives, a number of special services, and generally been a support asset to the battalion, Camp Patriot and KNB. The chaplain has been busy with counseling soldiers and sailors, plus visiting with all of our soldiers that have been home on R & R. This month, we were able to get the toys sent by you good people from South Dakota out to the local orphanages. They had a great time and the kids were excited to receive gifts from our soldiers and families. Again, many thanks to all of you who helped purchase and send these toys here. We are so blessed to have awesome supportive families such as you. With that, we are also excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can’t wait to be home with our families again. Our counterparts will be here soon. Then there will be a time of training and bringing them up to speed, the Transfer of Authority ceremony, and then flights back to the states. Again, thanks for your support, prayers and notes of encouragement. We are genuinely excited to be on the horizon of reintegration with our families. God bless you and your families. SPC Gordy Hedges

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