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posted by 147 FA on Apr 6

C Btry LogoFourteen months after Charlie Battery returned from a Security Force (SECFOR) mission to Baghdad, Iraq, the unit’s leadership received a call from their Battalion about another pending deployment in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In March of 2008, just after Easter, the 147th Field Artillery Battalion of which Yankton’s Charlie Battery is a part of was given a “pre-alert for training” warning for a summer of 2009 SECFOR deployment. The summer annual training (AT) at Camp Guernsey, Wyoming was changed. The Batteries involved still fired rockets with their Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) however an emphasis was placed on training required for the upcoming deployment. When the AT ended, Soldiers stored away their launchers and equipment and began the process of preparing for their next year’s deployment to Kuwait. Read the rest of this entry »

posted by 147 FA on Apr 4

Hello to you all and welcome to the Joint Operations Center, or JOC for short. We understand if you feel the need to laugh, but we do ask that you please keep the “athletic support garment” jokes to yourselves. The JOC itself is one of many rooms inside the CJLOC, along with the BDOC and the MAST, carrying out the TTP’s, SOP’s, and CCIR’s of SECFOR put down by ASG-KU and ARCENT...whew!! Hopefully, this short write-up will give you a bit of a window into the routines and regular faces here in the bat cave…without so many confusing acronyms. Read the rest of this entry »

posted by 147 FA on Apr 2

C2 Soldiers emplacing a new office trailerTo help fight the War on Terrorism there are thousands of contractors on each base in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. They are called force multipliers because they enable Soldiers to focus on their missions then relax and recharge before they do it again the next day. This is nice because Soldiers don’t have extra duties of Cleaning Shower trailers, or garbage and sewage removal. The Contractors also replace the number of units needed in theater. Instead of Engineer, Transportation, Administration or other Combat Support Units being deployed, we hire civilian contractors to help support our U.S troops for less tax payer dollars. Read the rest of this entry »