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posted by 147 FA on Feb 24

Last July the 147th FSC Maintenance Section rolled into Kuwait Naval Base and gave the SECFOR Motor Pool an “Extreme Makeover” and a new chance at high readiness rates. The weather in July was severe, the dirt and dust blew through the tattered maintenance bays. Electrical problems caused safety hazards and equipment problems. As the year progressed and the weather cooled the rains came causing the tattered tents to leak and the area to flood. Read the rest of this entry »

posted by 147 FA on Feb 20

LTC David ChaseHello this is LTC Chase, This is a quick message to keep you as informed as possible about the upcoming events as we near the end of our deployment. We are expecting our replacements in the next couple of weeks, we will then begin the process of training them to take over our mission. Once that training is completed we will take the flight designated for us by the Department of defense to our Demobilization site where we will out-process for around five days. At this time we do not have any exact dates for these events, however if everything goes according to plan we should be home sometime around Easter. As we get closer to our homecoming we will keep you as informed as possible. We are planning deactivation ceremonies in the same four communities we activated from, when our final dates are set and our plan is in place we will inform you of those plans through the family support group. I have been extremely proud of our soldiers and especially our families back home during this entire deployment, everyone has done an excellent job of controlling rumors. As we close out this deployment we hope to continue practicing rumor control. With operational security in mind we will keep you as informed as possible as we learn the specifics of our homecoming. I would also ask you to remain patient and flexible since like all things military every plan is subject to change. Until we are physically on a plane and heading for home our dates can change. Thank-you once again for all that you do we are very much looking forward to being home soon, this message will be re-published in the March Family Support Group News letter. Thank you. LTC David P. Chase Commander 1/147th FA

posted by 147 FA on Feb 14

Chaplain Tedmon is on R & R (much needed) so I will share a few thoughts this month. We have been busy with a full complement of services here at the Camp Patriot chapel. The chaplain has been ministering in the morning and evening services with a guest speaker (Sr. Chief Maupin) helping every 3rd Sunday night. Chaplain Tedmon has also been teaching on Spiritual Disciplines and currently doing a series on the 7 Revelation churches. I did a 15 week study on Psalm 91 (the soldier’s Psalm) and presently am doing a study in Philippians and Ephesians. Read the rest of this entry »

posted by 147 FA on Feb 11

Please do not send any more mail for your deployed Soldiers after FEBRUARY 15, 2010. Anything sent after that date may not be received due to our upcoming redeployment. Thank you!!

posted by 147 FA on Feb 10

LTC David ChaseThe traditional fishing boat used in Kuwait for centuries is a hand-made wooden craft called a “Dhow” (pronounced “DOW” ). The Dhow was the craft used by the Kuwaitis throughout their history as the primary fishing and commerce vessel in the Arabian Gulf region. The Dhow was critical for the early economic success of Kuwait since a large portion of commerce was conducted up and down the Arabian and Persian Gulf. Dhows hauled fresh water, stones for building, and wood for construction. They were also used extensively for commercial fishing and pearl diving. Read the rest of this entry »

posted by 147 FA on Feb 10

1/147 FA published their February 2010 newsletter. Click on the link below to download the pdf of the newsletter. 1-147 FA BN Kuwait Newsletter February 2010

posted by 147 FA on Jan 12

So here we are at the beginning of another new year. This a time when we reflect on the year past, and consider what we may have done differently and resolve to do better in the upcoming year. I am not personally a big fan of New Year’s resolutions; in fact, I have simply resolved not to make any. Although, I suppose that if I have resolved not to make any resolutions, I have already failed on account of the resolution I resolved not to make. I could chase this rabbit around in circles all day, (or all year, for that matter,) but I think you get my point. This resolution has worked out about as well as the ones I have made in past years. Read the rest of this entry »

posted by 147 FA on Jan 11

1/147 FA published their January 2010 newsletter. Click on the link below to download the pdf of the newsletter. 1-147 FA BN Kuwait Newsletter January 2010

posted by BN Admin on Dec 6

Whew, thank goodness Thanksgiving is over! We have cleared that hurdle without any major incident, and are ready to start getting ready for the next one---the big one---Christmas. But wait a minute; are we really ready to move on to the Christmas season if Thanksgiving is just another hurdle we have to jump on the way? “Oh, come on, Chaplain!” some of you may be protesting, “That’s just a figure of speech. Nobody really means it that way.” Are you sure? How many news stories did you hear about riots and fights and arrests that were made just a few hours after Thanksgiving day during the “Black Friday” sales events. How many times have you watched someone lose their temper already with a check-out person not quite keeping up with the holiday rush? Have you, perhaps, even been one of them? Read the rest of this entry »

posted by 147 FA on Dec 2

1/147 FA published their December 2009 newsletter. Click on the link below to download the pdf of the newsletter. 1-147 FA BN Kuwait Newsletter December 2009